Parking regulations




  1. Parking Regulations are an internal document of the Service Provider which proscribes the way and locations for taking over and returning the vehicle within the Spin City Zone.

The Spin City Zone comprises the area of the city of Zagreb within which the Service User can take over the vehicle at specifically defined locations, and is obligated to return it within the defined Spin City Zone. The defined Spin City Zone comprised the greater city centre area.

Permitted parking spaces within the Zone are:

–              any public parking space within the defined Spin City Zone

–              any parking space intended for car sharing

–             parking spaces which are not restricted with traffic signs “For Residents Only”, “Parking By Permit Only” or “Reserved For”…

–              areas with parking spaces without limitations or restrictions

  1. During a break the vehicle user can park on any public parking space, but if that space is outside the defined Spin City Zone, he/she must return to the Spin City Zone to finish the drive.

Parking is ensured on all public parking areas of the city of Zagreb, free of charge for the user.

The vehicle user is always obligated to adhere to parking regulations and legal limitations.

  1. In the city of Zagreb there are approximately 10 parking areas intended only for the car sharing service. The Service User can freely park/leave the vehicle in those areas at any time.

The locations of those areas are:

–              Milana Amruša Street at house No. 4

–              Pavla Šubića Street at house No. 65

–              King Tomislav Square (Main Train Station)

–              Republic of Croatia Square – Croatian National Theatre (HNK, west)

–              Stjepan Radić Square 1

–              Radnička Road at house No. 80 (Zagreb Tower)

–              Avenue Dubrovnik 15 (Zagreb Fair)

–              Stara Trešnjevka Park 2

–              Strojarska Road at house No. 18 (VMD Centre)

  1. The vehicle user is strictly prohibited from parking the vehicle contrary to these Regulations. The vehicle user may not park the vehicle on any of the following locations:

–              any area or parking space where parking is prohibited

–              parking spaces where parking is not permitted 24 hours a day

–              private parking spaces

–              private garages and courtyards

–              parking spaces for disabled persons

–              public garages

–              parking spaces designated for taxis or buses

–              reserved parking spaces

–              green areas, bicycle trails, pavements and pedestrian zones

–              marked pedestrian crossings and areas less than 5 metres from those crossings

–              rail or tramway tracks, areas where a road crosses rail or tramway tracks and near those tracks if it would obstruct the traffic of vehicles on those tracks

–              intersections and areas less than 5 m from the nearest edge of intersection

–              public transport stops

–              in front of building, shelter, yard or garage driveways, above water supply network terminals, sewer system or any other communal network entrances, spaces reserved for supply vehicles or other spaces intended for or marked as household waste disposal spaces, in front and on fire department and other communal public passages and driveways

–              part of the road where the width of the free passage between the stopped or parked vehicle and the continuous longitudinal road markings or an obstacle on the road is less than 3 m, 4 m from the opposite pavement edge, in the radius of 3 m from marked underground or above-ground hydrants

–              in a tunnel, on a bridge, in an underpass, on an overpass and on parts of the road under a bridge or an overpass

–              in a place where the vehicle would obstruct a traffic sign or traffic lights

–              end a drive outside the defined Spin City Zone

–              park/ end a drive in blind alleys

–              any location outside the defined Spin City Zone

When parking the vehicle it is strictly prohibited to:

–              park in a way which obstructs road traffic

–              occupy more than one parking space

–              park without leaving room to freely get in or out of the vehicle

All costs of parking tickets, traffic offenses and vehicle relocation due to improper parking are borne by the Spin City Service User who was registered as the User at the time the ticket, offence etc. arose.

  1. When parking and using the vehicle the Service User is obligated:

–              to abide by all signs, restrictions and legal parking regulations

–              if when looking for a free Spin City vehicle the Service User spots a Spin City vehicle which isn’t parked properly, use that vehicle

–              if the Service User uses a conventional car, fill up the petrol tank at an INA petrol station before the end of the drive, if the fuel level drops to 25% or under. For fueling, the Service User may have an INA card located into terminal bearing inside the glove compartment. For filling up the petrol tank in this case, the Service User will be rewarded with 10 bonus minutes

–              also, Service User can fill up the tank at INA gas stations at his own expense and Spin City will, after Service User send us the invoice via e-mail, refund the invoice with proportional amount of minutes at the basic tariff with additional 10 bonus minutes

–              if the Service User uses an electric car, he/she should park the vehicle on a car park with a charging station and connect the vehicle to the charger, if the battery level is 25% or under. In this case, the Service User will be rewarded with 10 bonus minutes

–              not end the drive on a private property or in public garages

–              not end the drive in blind alleys

–             not end the drive outside the defined Spin City Zone.

  1. Violation of any of the mentioned provisions will be considered a serious breach of contract due to which the Service Provider can terminate the Agreement and/or request compensation of damages from the Service User.

These Regulations come into force on 3 March 2017.

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