How it works?




Enter your personal data on the Spin City website https://moj.spincity.hr. After registering, you will receive an email to confirm the account.



For the validation, please send us images of your driving licence on email zagreb@spincity.hr.

Choose a test drive (Wednesdays or Fridays at 5pm) where our team will explain everything about electric vehicles. After that you will be able to enjoy Spin City rides very soon.


pristup vozilu

Get driving

Download Spin City app (iOS or Android) with which you can easily locate, reserve and unlock our vehicles. Membership card is used as a backup access to the vehicle, especially when smartphone battery runs low etc. 

Spin City app – locate, reserve and unlock


With Spin City application you can easily check for available vehicles.

1) Locate the nearest vehicle and book for free on 15 minutes.

2) Unlock a vehicle by clicking on the virtual key and start driving.

3) Finish your ride within the Spin City zone and lock the vehicle with our app.



More driving, less hassle!

Have a look – how driving Spin City is easy.

You have free parking in the entire city!


With Spin City You can park for free at any public parking space in the city (1st, 2nd and 3rd zone).

You can finally park without thinking about the tickets and parking payment. The important thing is to finish the ride within the Spin City area as is marked on the app.

1. You Park at any public parking space

2. You park at exclusive parking places reserved for car sharing vehicles only



  • Milana Amruša street, next to the HN 4 – Pavla Šubića street, next to the HN 65 – King Tomislav Square (Central railway Station) – Croatian national theatre (west) – Stjepana Radića Square 1 – Radnička street next to the HN 80 (Zagreb Tower) – Dubrovnik Avenue 15 (Zagreb Fairground) – Stara Trešnjevka Park 2 – Strojarska street next to the HN 18 (VMD center).

Where can you park during a break between rides?

You can travel freely within the borders of the Republic of Croatia and with a written permission even outside Croatia. During the trip, you can take a break from driving wherever it suits you. To end the trip you have to return a car within the Spin City area. Parking is provided at all public car parking spaces of Zagreb, with no charge for Spin City users. Always observe all regulations when parking and keep an eye on the limitations!

Fuel as many other things – included


When it comes to refueling or recharging of electric vehicles, Spin City takes care all the time. 

Our service team will ensure that at all times you have enough fuel to carefree travel.

In case you tank up vehicle on the INA gas stations or connect electric vehicle to a filling station, Spin City will reward you with bonus minutes. Read more at the FAQ.

Eco fleet

You simply can not miss Spin City vehicles in Zagreb!

The fleet consits of electric and gasoline vehicles, recognizable at any time and every step throughout the city.


Try now (electric) Spin City
and enjoy Your everday adventures !

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