About the service

  • What is Spin City?

Spin City is the first car sharing service in Croatia which allows its members on-demand access to a fleet of electric and conventional vehicles 24/7. It is very easy to locate and book the available vehicles via the app. Unlock the vehicle by clicking on the application and after the ride park for free at any public parking space within the Spin City zone.
Spin City provides a complete service for you: fuel, free parking, insurance (CDW, TP) and maintenance! There is no more flexible or simple way to cross the way from point A to point B.

  • The first use of the service

1. Register

Register your account online and send us pictures of both sides of your driver’s license and selfie to zagreb@spincity.hr.

If all of your data is correct, after verifying by phone call, your account will be activated.

Download the Spin City app for free on Google Play or the Apple Store.

2. Locate and reserve the vehicle via app

Locate the nearest available vehicle via app on your smartphone. You can reserve the nearest available vehicle located on the map with just one click up to 15 minutes or you can spontaneously jump in the available vehicle you spot parked in front of you.

3. Unlock the vehicle

Unlock the vehicle with only one click via app on your smartphone or tablet. If your battery dies on your smart device, always carry alongside your Spin City smart card.
To proceed and drive use the car key.

4. Pause

If your journey is not over, and if you want to continue driving afterwards, lock the vehicle with car key. Such a vehicle remains reserved only for you as long as you want.

Paying for parking? One worry less! You don’t have to worry about paying the parking ticket since Spin City provides free parking in the whole city of Zagreb. You can park for free in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd zone.

5. The end of the trip

All you have to do is turn off the vehicle and answer a few simple questions. Please check whether the windows and doors are properly closed, whether the lights are out and have you took out your personal belongings. You can lock the vehicle using the app or your Spin City smart card which you hold up to the card reader on the windscreen. After a few seconds, you’ll hear a “click” which means that the vehicle is locked and your drive is over.

  • Why Spin City?

Easy access to the car via smartphone.

Spin City provides complete service: fuel, parking, insurance and maintenance included.

There is no easier or more flexible way from A to B point.

Spin City saves your time and money, protects the environment and drives with you anywhere you want.

Forget about the traffic jams and waiting. Spin City awaits you, 24/7.

The key questions 

  • Requirements for Spin City membership?
    • Registration and validation of the user account,
    • At least 365-day valid driver’s license,
    • Credit card for payments.
  • What is the Zone?

The Spin City zone is specifically defined area within you can take and leave the vehicle.

The terminal in the vehicle will also warn you that you are outside of the zone and to move the vehicle within the zone.


  • Where can I park Spin City vehicle?

Spin City vehicles may be parked at any available public parking place in Zagreb. 

  • Can I park in the public garages?

Of course! Vehicles can be parked in the garage, but in the end of the drive it is necessary to return the vehicle at one of the public parking lots (on the surface) inside the Spin City Zone. The cost of parking in garages is paid by customer.

  • Rates and payment 

Registration: One-time registration fee (99,00 HRK) includes 50 bonus minutes for driving, membership card and education on the use of car sharing service and electric vehicles.

Driving per minute: After you spent all the bonus minutes and haven’t purchased or activated package, after the completion of the drive, you are charged by basic price per minute (2,25 hrk per minute).


  • Monthly subscription: Spin ‘n Save 200, 500 i 1000

Spin ‘n Save packages contain a certain volume of minutes (200, 500, 1000) that can be used for 30 days. Packages are being automatically renewed every 30 days and unused minutes are not transferable to the next month.

  • Prepaid packages: Spin Prepaid 100, 250 i 500

Prepaid packages contain a certain volume of minutes (100, 250, 500) and can be used without the time limit.

  • Hourly packages: 3 hours, 9 hours and 24 hours

Hourly packages are activated by the Spin City app before the ride and will be charged after the trip. Packages include a volume of kilometers (3h – 40 km, 9h – 80 km, 24h – 150 km for one-time usage), and after using the volume, additional kilometers are charged and/or in the case of prolonged use of the rent additional minutes are accounted. Breaks between the drives within the package time are included. During the duration of the hourly packages you can lock the vehicle with the key, and only when you really want to end your trip, lock the vehicle via app or Spin City card.

  • What about insurance? Fuel? Parking payment?
    • Spin City services includes COMPLETE SERVICE:
      • Fuel
      • Free parking
      • Insurance (CDW, TP)
      • Vehicle maintenance
  • Can I refuel Spin City vehicles and will I be rewarded?

OF COURSE! Should you need to refuel a vehicle to complete your desired trip, feel free to do so!

Moreover, Spin City will refund you the invoice amount with bonus minutes at a price of 1.60 kn per minute.

How to get a bonus minutes for refueling?
In case that fuel level drops to the level of 60% or lower, you can fill up the tank with the EUROSUPER at a minimum amount of 100.00 kn at your own expense.  Then send us an e-mail to zagreb@spincity.hr with a picture of the receipt, specify the vehicle registration and refuel time (date and time).

We’ll verify the refuel and at least within 24 hours, reimburse you with BONUS minutes to use towards a future Spin City trips. For example, for 160 kn of refueling you’ll get 100 bonus minutes for a future ride. 🙂

  • Where can I fill up the tank of Spin City vehicles?

We prefer INA gas stations, but EUROSUPER fuel you can refuel at other gas stations too. You can check locations of INA gas stations via app.

  • And electric vehicles recharging?

Similar goes for the electric Spin City cars. If the range is 25% or below, you can connect it on the closest charging station, location of which you can find on the Spin City App. You will be rewarded with extra 10 bonus minutes for driving!

Additional questions

  • How do I know if Spin City vehicle is available?

You can reserve the nearest available vehicle located on the map with just one click for 15 minutes or you can spontaneously jump in the available vehicle You spot on parking, no reservation needed. The first reservation before the drive is always free of charge.

  • How do I unlock the car?

You can unlock the vehicle with just one click via app on Your smartphone. If Your phone battery discharges, always carry Your Spin City Smart Card.

  • Where are the keys of Spin City vehicles?

The keys of Spin City vehicles are in the glove compartment. The key is on magnetic pendant which is connected to the trip computer, and it can be extracted only after You answer all questions and get permission via trip computer. Otherwise, the vehicle will be blocked and you won’t be able to start it. In that case, please contact our Customer service or lock the vehicle via app or with Your Spin City Smart Card. After the reservation time runs out, you will be able to reserve vehicle again and start it.


  • What if I want to drive outside Spin City Zone?

Driving of Spin City vehicle is possible outside the Spin City Zone within the Republic of Croatia, but after the end of Your trip it should be parked inside the Zone. When you want to take a break during your trip outside the Zone, You must put it on the break and lock it with the key, otherwise You can be charged extra costs.

  • What if I leave Spin City vehicle outside of the Zone?

Vehicle should be parked inside the Spin City Zone, otherwise the vehicle will be moved inside the Zone at Your expense.

  • Can I go to Slovenia with Spin City vehicle?

Spin City vehicles cannot be driven outside the Croatian borders, except with the written permission of Spin City.

  • How can I reserve Spin City vehicle?

Reservation is possible via app for up to 15 minutes. The vehicle can also be reserved by calling our Customer service on +38591 158 3003.

  • How to end my trip?

1. Park the vehicle inside the Spin City Zone on the public parking.
2. Turn off the lights, close all windows and use trip computer to answers a few quick questions, then finish Your drive.
3. Put the magnetic pendant connected to the key into the slot of the trip computer.
4. Exit the vehicle, check all Your personal belongings and check if all the equipment is on the list.
5. Finish Your trip via app, after exiting the vehicle.
After a few seconds, you’ll hear a “click” sound which means that the vehicle is locked and that Your drive is over.
(User manual is in the door compartment on the drivers side.)

  • How is service charged?

You pay only the exact time of the service usage.
In case You haven’t purchased any of the packages, You are charged by standard price list via users’ credit card after each driving session.

  • What if Spin City app / smart card / vehicle do not work properly?

If Spin City app / smart card / vehicle do not work properly contact us on +38591 158 3003.

  • Where can I fill up the tank of Spin City vehicles?

Exclusively at INA gas stations. You can check locations of INA gas stations via app.

  • What if Spin City vehicle is damaged before my usage?

Before driving, take a walk around the vehicle and check for dents, scratches or other damages. Also, check inside of the vehicle.

If you notice any of mentioned, please contact us and report new damage. When reporting new damage, be as detailed as You can and as accurate as possible to locate and describe us the size and type of damage.

In order to ensure Yourself against possible extra costs for damages You are not responsible, once again we ask You to check the vehicle at each reservation and after every usage.

  • What if I have a car accident with Spin City vehicle?
    • Stay calm
    • Call 112 in case of injuries and inform the police
    • Exchange information (insurance, registration, name/last name and driver’s license number)
    • Take a picture of damaged Spin City vehicle.
    • Collect names and cell phone/phone numbers of the witnesses
    • Contact Spin City damage report Centre: +38591 158 3003.
  • Are Spin City’s vehicles and passengers insured?

All Spin City vehicles have risk insurance with participation in damage (CDW) and passengers are insured up to a certain amount agreed with insurance. Participation in damage can be pre-purchased and fully secure the user from participation in any payments regarding damage (CDW + or CDW).

  • What is CDW i TP, and CDW+?

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is a necessary insurance for vehicle with user`s participation in the damage up to 2,000.00 kuna and TP (Theft Protection) insurance of vehicle theft.
If you want to secure yourself from any participation in costs in case of damage you can purchase one of the packages CDW and CDW +.

  • How much does franchise cost?
    • Standard insurance (CDW):With standard insurance (CDW, included in the price of driving), in the case of damage, the user pays a maximum of 2,000 kuna.
    • Instant insurance (CDW):
      You can purchase Instant Insurance for 15 kuna and the participation of user in the case of damage is reduced to 900 kuna. It is valid only for a single drive.
    • City Care 30 (CDW+) monthly subscription insurance package:
      With City Care 30 (CDW+) monthly package user can purchase the participation in the damage and secure himself from any participation in payment in the event of damage. City Care 30 package is automatically renewed every 30 days unless the user cancels the renewal.
    • City Care 365 (CDW+) annually prepaid insurance package:
      With City Care 365 (CDW+) annually prepaid package user doesn`t have any costs in the case of any kind of damage within a period of one year.
  • What if I lose vehicle`s keys?

Contact our Customer service on +38591 158 3003.
Loss and replacement of the key will be charged.

  • What if I lose my Spin City card?

Contact us to deliver Your new Spin City card.
Loss and replacement of the Spin City Smart Card will be charged

  • Can I drive pet in the Spin City vehicle?Mogu li voziti kućnog ljubimca Spin City vozilom?

Currently it is not possible to drive pets in the Spin City vehicles, except with the written permission of Spin City. 

  • Is smoking allowed in Spin City vehicle?

Smoking is not allowed in Spin City vehicles!
Each user of the vehicle for which it is determined that has smoked inside the vehicle will be charged with a fee.
Holding the cigarette out of the vehicle while driving is also considered smoking inside the vehicle.

  • Can the person that hasn’t reserved the Spin City vehicle drive one?

No. Spin City vehicle can be used only by person named in the reservation. Failure to comply with the regulations violates the concluded agreement and cancels the insurance.

  • What if I get a ticket while using Spin City vehicles?

Person named in the reservation and driving the vehicle is responsible for the payment of penalties (parking tickets, speeding tickets, etc.) for the duration of the reservation and use of a vehicle. 

  • What if you take a break while driving?

You can take a brake, which means that in this case You do not lock Spin City vehicle via app or with Spin City Smart Card, but only with the car keys.
None of the other users in this situation can`t see the vehicle in their app neither they can reserve or drive the Spin City vehicle You are using. After returning to the vehicle You can continue Your drive to end destination, followed by a usual locking of the Spin City vehicle via app or by Spin City Smart Card.

  • My account is blocked – why?

There are several reasons why your account may be blocked.
Instructions for users:
1. Check your bank account and the validity of your credit card
2. Check the validity of your driver’s license
3. Check if you have some unpaid bills

Contact us on +38591 158 3003 to solve the problem individually and as soon as possible.

  • Where are the things that you leave/lose in Spin City vehicles?

In principle, all objects that are left are transmitted by Spin City team members or the users themselves to our headquarters. If you leave any of Your belongings in the vehicle, contact us on +38591 158 3003.

  • I have a question about the transaction?

For all questions about the transactions please contact us on +38591 158 3003.

  • What is a welcome e-mail and how can I invite a friend to Spin City?

Via Spin City website invite a friend to Spin City and get 25 BONUS minutes.
Invited friend will get a link for registration on his e-mail address and a promotional code that enables 15 bonus minutes.
When the invited friend registers for 1 kn and becomes a full member of Spin City, the user that invited him gets 25 BONUS MINUTES on his/her account.

  • Can I share my minutes?

Spin City community enables you to share your minute with friends.
Sharing minutes is our original concept, which allows sharing of minutes among existing users. Since the unused excess of minutes from monthly packages cannot be transferred in the next month, you can share “excess” minutes among friends so the minutes can still be used. In addition, in the case someone just needs to go for a short trip, but for some reason cannot pay for the service (e.g. If the credit card expires), the user-friend can share with him/her his/her minutes. Who Cares, Shares!
The shared minutes on the receiving user account will have a bonus minutes status.
You can share minimally 22 minutes.

  • Where can I change my personal information?

Your personal information can be changed at your User interface on our website or by contacting our Customer service. 

  • How can I keep a track of my spending?

You can check Your package status and remaining minutes at any time on Your profile via our website at moj.spincity.hr/hr/login. 

  • How can block my account?

The account can be blocked by contacting the Customer service on +38591 158 3003.

  • How can I send a consumer complaint?

Urban Mobility doo, Ogrizovićeva 33, OIB: 37356306157, in accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection, informs consumers – their users of services that the written complaint referred to in Article 10, paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Law on Consumer Protection can be submitted directly to the address of the Urban Mobility office or via Urban Mobility email at zagreb@spincity.hr.

  • Can business customers use Spin City service?

Yes, Spin City Business is car sharing service for business customers. Business service can be used individually (“Freelancer”) or via joint account (“Business account”) that is associated with more employees of a company or an organization.

  • How can business customers register?
  • Freelancer:
    Firstly, you need to register or log into your private account. Create your business profile with information about the company OIB, business e-mail and headquarters address.
    When you register a business profile with all the data, you can use Your business account.
    Before every reservation choose ‘R1’ option via app or when purchasing a package mark “I want R1 bill” option.
  • Business account:
    Create a private user account and ask for an offer via contact form on our website or send us request on zagreb@spincity.hr.Additional services for business customers:
    For Business account users, Spin City offers a monthly reporting services, driving specifications and transparent overview on drives of Your employees.
  • Advantages of Spin City Business service for business customers:

– Direct corporate mobility savings up to 40%

– Optimization of your fleet and increasing utilization of each vehicle,

– Encouraging sustainable economic development through the reduction of CO2 emissions,

– Saving time and resources in relation to the maintenance of its own fleet of vehicles,

– Contribution to the brand image of a socially responsible company,

– Additional attractiveness of employers by providing innovative mobility options,

– Transparent overview of costs and travel.

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