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Why is Spin City a good partner for your business?


Reduce costs

You only pay for the vehicle when you use it. With Spin City, you save up to 50% on business city rides. Unlike traditional car rental services, our offer includes a complete service: parking in the city, maintenance, refueking, cleaning and disinfection.

Save time

Simplify your accounting and reduce paperwork, by receiving just one monthly invoice for all car sharing business rides. Your colleagues and the environment will thank you, and saving your time is a gain for your company.

Take care of the environment

The use of car sharing reduces the number of vehicles in traffic and thus reduces congestion and harmful emissions. With Spin City’s electric fleet, your business drives actively contribute to the environment protection.

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For every business, for each employee

An experience that makes a difference – cost-effective, convenient and quick service for business users!
Whether you are an employee, freelancer, manager or business owner, with Spin City you have the professional freedom to decide what works best for you. Choose from options:

Business account

If you are a company, craft or organization with employees who have a need for local business travel, the Business account service is ideal for reducing your costs. Contact us to create a business account for you.


Are you working as a freelanceror building independently your entrepreneurial story? You can also use Spin City for your business needs. Simply add a business profile within the user account and select a business invoice before each drive.

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