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get 30 bonus minutes for driving!


1. Locate

We don’t do car rental stations for pick up. Our vehicles are available 24/7 within the “home zone” area. With the Spin City app, locate a vehicle nearby, when you make a reservation, the car is only yours!

2. Unlock

Before your drive, choose the rate per minute, per hour or daily rent – what suits you best at that moment. When you’re at the vehicle, unlock it by tapping the virtual key in the Spin City app. You start driving!

3. Drive

Drive Spin City within and outside the “home zone”. When you’re done, park the car within the Spin City zone. No tedious procedures, no refueling. Lock the vehicle with the app and end the rental. Simply like that.

Only 9€ and get a bonus

Register now and get 30 bonus minutes for driving!

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Why Spin City ?

Freedom and flexibility to move around the city

Drive whenever you want

Free-floating car sharing means, no closing hours and no wasting time for you. Spin City cars are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You don’t even have to plan ahead, if you see a Spin City car available, you can always reserve and drive spontaneously.

Park anywhere within the zone

With Spin City, parking is hassle-free! Firstly, choose a vehicle in a position that suits you, reserve or pick up right away. As soon as you arrive at your destination, park in any public parking space within the Spin City zone and lock the vehicle.

You only pay when you drive

You do not pay for parking, fuel or insurance! Our all-inclusive rates include a complete service. No membership fees, no fixed costs! Before driving, select a package or tariff per minute in the app and pay only for what you use.

All you need is?


The Spin City app is your key to car sharing.
Locate, book and unlock Spin City vehicles in just a few seconds.
You are only on three steps to freedom of mobility:

1. Mobile app

Download the Spin City app (Android or iOS) and register an account.
You will receive an email to confirm registration.

2. Driver's license

Send us a copy of both sides of your driver’s license.
If your data are correct, we will contact you to arrange a validation appointment.

3. Vallidation

At the validation term, you can experience the Spin City drive.
Along the way, we will explain everything about the service and use of the electric vehicle.

After successful validation, your account will be activated soon. You get 100 bonus minutes for driving. Enjoy the city ride!

No hidden costs


Parking, fuel and maintenance is on us. Our rates imply a complete service and are flexible according to your needs. Trebaš li vozilo na 20 minuta ili 2 dana, odaberi najbolju opciju u aplikaciji prije svake vožnje. Unutar naše zone besplatno parkiraš Spin City automobil i ne trebaš nadopunjavati gorivo. Whether you need a vehicle for 20 minutes or 2 days, choose the best option in the app before each ride. Explore options for yourself:

Minute rates

Are you spontaneous? Choose a tariff per minute for quick rides up to hour or two.

0,30 €/min

Hourly rates

Have a plan? Hourly packages are ideal for your daily commitments.

5,97 €/h

Daily rental

If it’s time to escape, choose a daily rental of 1 to 2 days.

from 25 €/day

Meet the fleet


Enjoy the car sharing cars you have at your fingertips. With Spin City, you can easily get at the steering wheel of an electric car and try out a new driving experience. Besides having fun, with Spin City you save the environment and your money.

Volkswagen e-Up!

Up’s electric brother, the city’s silent poser.

Volkswagen Up!

Ready for anything, and ideal for traveling out of town

Volkswagen e-Golf

Compact classic, electric

Spin City Business


Need a solution for your company vehicles?

With Spin City Business service, you can also have your company fleet. Send us an inquiry and take full advantage of car sharing for your business.

Ready to spin the city?

Registration is simple and takes a few minutes. You get…

Mobility 24/7

Električna vehicles

Spin City app

Free parking

Membership RFID card

100 bonus minutes